Your Privacy

Security and Confidentiality

How we keep your information confidential

At Agrifunds, we make protecting your privacy a top priority, and hold your financial and personal information in strict confidence. In fact, some say we are overly cautious. That's fine with us. After all, we are protecting your account information.

Our employees must comply with federal regulations that prohibit unauthorized use of your information. We do not sell your information to third parties. In addition, unless we are required by law, we do not provide your information to anyone (including your accountant or attorney) without your authorization.

The user submits information gathered on this site. It may include financial and personal information specific to contacting us, or a lease or loan application. It may also include information specific to your Agrifunds accounts that are necessary for online banking

How we protect your privacy in Agrifunds Online 

We take many precautions to protect your privacy when you do business with us through Agrifunds Online.

Browser encryption

To access your account, you must use an Internet browser that utilizes 128-bit encryption technology, which is an industry standard for secure area browsing of sensitive information. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-225-8618 or click here to send us an e-mail.


Access to your account through Online Banking requires a thorough enrollment process to assure that you alone receive information about your account. After you submit your completed enrollment form to us electronically, you will be notified by mail of your approval. This written notice includes a one-time authentication code that you will need to use the first time you sign on to your account. This enrollment process helps assure your privacy.


We've made our password selection and verification parameters stringent to reduce the potential for security breaches. You will need to select a password that meets the following criteria:


  • 6 to 16 characters
  • One character must be a letter
  • One character must be a number
  • Do not use your username or your first or last name.

These criteria may make a password more difficult to remember, but they also make unauthorized access to your account far more difficult as well. Passwords are encrypted on our system, and they are not accessible to Agrifunds employees. No one connected with this web site or Agrifunds will ever ask you for your password. If you receive such a request, please report it to us immediately by secure messaging.

Of course, you must protect the confidentiality of your password. Do not give it to others, and do not keep it in a place where others may have access to it. If you suspect that your password is lost or stolen, or that someone made an unauthorized transaction on your account, please notify us at once. You should also change your password immediately. You can do this online. In fact, you should change your password periodically, at least a few times a year, even if you have no reason to think it was compromised. This is important because Agrifunds will process any transaction authorized by anyone using your password.


Once your account is active in Agrifunds Online, you can access account information and initiate transactions. An Agrifunds representative reviews and verifies every transaction before it is actually completed. This step helps prevent unauthorized activity in your account.

Software safeguards

A "timeout" feature shuts down access to your account to keep others from viewing your data after you leave your computer. After 30 minutes, the site will require you to reenter your password to access your account again. To thwart would-be hackers, a customer's account will be inaccessible after five unsuccessful sign-on attempts. For help reactivating your account, call us at 1-877-225-8618. All activities are electronically logged, so both you and Agrifunds can review them in case of any suspicious activity.

Secure electronic messages

You can feel confident that your communication with us is protected and secure when you use the "Messages" option after logging onto your account. We use a secure electronic system to keep information confidential.


The only way to access Agrifunds customer account information is through the secured section of our web site, which is protected by a "firewall." A firewall is part of our security system that helps prevent hackers or other unauthorized people from breaking into our computer systems.

How you can help


  • Keep your password confidential and safe. Consider changing it periodically for added protection.
  • Sign off of your account before walking away from your computer or before visiting other Internet sites.
  • Clear your computer cache when exiting your account. (See the Sign Off page for clearing instructions.)
  • Use secure electronic messaging, rather than your regular Internet e-mail for communicating with Agrifunds.
  • Report to us immediately: a lost or stolen password. Also report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions, including a request for your password that appears to come from Agrifunds.